Stix - Nothing On Me | Prisoner
welcome to heartbreak

I will never forget

the days we once had

The days when you

were anything but bad

My mind used to tell me

we’d be together forever

But now I can see

This was all a big failure

The feelings I have for you

will never go away

I wish I could erase the past two years

at least for a day

Never did I think of the astonishing

pain I would endure

This pain I cannot tolerate

for ever more

Makes my heart shatter

in a million pieces

My mind is filled with thoughts

of our long kisses

I sometimes wonder

if you still think of me

Or if to you, I’m just a green paper tree

But for now , I’ll sit here silently remembering

All the memories of your our courting

Everyday my love for you

drifts slowly away

Hoping that some day

I will break the cliche

I hope you find someone special

And for him I pray

your love for the green

will eventually fade

So the gifts you will cherish

Will be handmad

SOME BOI- BUTTA: The light to me world.


Her smile was evrytin to me..
Wen eva she was happy I was happy
Wen eva she was sad I was sad too
She gave me evrytin & I gave her notin
She was the only person hu truly believed in me
The first time we kissed is what I’ll call
*The Best day of my life*
We fight almost time but wen we…

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